Come to Me

140702 2 Zion Mourns - Version 2

Writing Every Day for Thirty-One Days
to Speak Life over Israel

While much of the earth is speaking death and accusation over the Jewish nation, let’s take 31 days to do the opposite. Let’s speak life over the nation of Israel and the Jewish people.

Writing with sorrow over the last week of increased terror and loss of life in Israel.

Day 17: Offer

Israel, come to me
The offer resounded in the heart of the son

Israel heard this phrase
Over and over and over again
Yet he could not quite comprehend
What it meant
and where it was coming from

In your fear and anxiety,
Israel, come to me

He heard this phrase
and desperately wanted it to be real
Yet nothing had ever helped before

Israel felt stuck
and unable to trust anyone anymore
No one loved him
No one really cared for this son
Forgotten and forsaken by all
Yet remembered by one

Come to me, my son
The voice resounded
It was so loud this time

Israel turned towards the voice
He fell on his face
and wept
He waited for the voice
to lead him home

Abba, please hear Israel’s desperate cries in these days and show Israel the way to safety.

Israel, trust in Adonai, from this time forth and forevermore. Tehillim/Psalm 131

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Chai is the Hebrew word for Life

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