Joy is Coming to Zion


Writing Every Day for Thirty-One Days
to Speak Life over Israel

While much of the earth is speaking death and accusation over the Jewish nation, let’s take 31 days to do the opposite. Let’s speak life over the nation of Israel and the Jewish people.

Day 23: Joy

Our mouths were filled with laughter
Our hearts with joy and singing
as the G-d brought the captive ones of Zion back

Despite the daily difficulties
of Israeli life today
The day of joy and gladness,
The day of triumph and rejoicing
will come one day very soon

It will be in a moment in time and history
One day soon
when Zion sings and shouts
and rejoices in G-d their maker,
The anointed one,
Their deliverer

Joy and life are coming one day soon to Zion
Hope and deliverance,
Healing and righteousness
like a blazing torch
Will be Zion

Jerusalem is his joy
and his great delight
The city of G-d’s choosing forever

I will delight in Jerualem
and take great joy in her singing

Jerusalem will sing
Jerusalem will rejoice
Israel will shine
like the sun
with beauty and strength
One day soon

Jerusalem’s joy will be known
Sooner than we can imagine

Jerusalem, take heart
Your deliverer is coming
Your deliverer is coming soon

Shabbat Shalom to all who are reading!

Dedicated to the sons of Zion, the inhabitants of Jerusalem, all of Israel and to all Jewish people everywhere.

Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem, may you prosper who love her. Tehillim/Psalm 122

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Chai is the Hebrew word for Life

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