Israel, Remember Your Destiny


Writing Every Day for Thirty-One Days
to Speak Life over Israel

While much of the earth is speaking death and accusation over the Jewish nation, let’s take 31 days to do the opposite. Let’s speak life over the nation of Israel and the Jewish people.

Day 25: Crash

As the difficulties come and stay
and do not quickly fade away
May you help Israel to find their safety in you
O G-d of Israel

Today as the tumult ebbs and flows
in the land you called your own
Would you help your people
to know you, to see you,
to love you with all their heart, soul and strength

Shema Yisrael
Adonai Eloheinu
Adonai Echad
Baruch Shem Kavod
Malkhuto Le’olam va’ed

This day Abba calls you home
O Israel
to love him with all your heart, all your soul
and with all your strength

He hasn’t left you alone
He hasn’t forsaken you
He will keep all his promises
to you and your descendants forever

Hear, O Israel
The Lord is G-d
He is one

Remember this daily
Do not forget who you are
O Israel, Sons of Jacob
Do not forget your destiny
Your G-d has written for you

Isa 49

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Chai is the Hebrew word for Life

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