Hear, O Israel

Shema - Hear, O Israel
Shema – Hear, O Israel

Writing Every Day for Thirty-One Days
to Speak Life over Israel

While much of the earth is speaking death and accusation over the Jewish nation, let’s take 31 days to do the opposite. Let’s speak life over the nation of Israel and the Jewish people.

Day 28: Hope

There is hope in the midst of the storm
Israel, remember your G-d, your maker
Remember the one who formed and fashioned you,
Who made and called you forth

Israel, you are not forgotten nor forsaken
The G-d of the whole earth is your G-d
He watches over you
He keeps you
He calls you his own

Israel, your hope is in your G-d
He is jealous over you
He is zealous for you
He is calling you near

In the midst of trial
Run into the embrace of your maker
In the midst of tribulation
Turn to him

He will deliver you, O Israel
The only true and living G-d
will deliver and bring you life
He is breathing life into you
He is restoring your soul
He is redeeming you
Your G-d never sleeps nor slumbers

Hear, O Israel,
Trust in the Lord
from this time forth and forevermore
He is yours
You are his
Your hope is in your G-d

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Chai is the Hebrew word for Life

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