Do not forget Jerusalem

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Writing Every Day for Thirty-One Days
to Speak Life over Israel

While much of the earth is speaking death and accusation over the Jewish nation, let’s take 31 days to do the opposite. Let’s speak life over the nation of Israel and the Jewish people.

Day 31: Almost

The challenges continue in Israel
Attacks happening on a near daily basis
Many attacks have happened in and near Hevron
where the patriarchs were buried
Attacks are too common in Judea and Samaria
Stabbings have also visited Rishon leZion and Tel Aviv

The difficulties continue for Israel
Yet Israel hasn’t lost hope
Israel cannot lose hope
Israel hasn’t given up
and cannot give up

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem
Whether you’re in Israel
or you’re on the other side of the planet,

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem
G-d loves Jerusalem and marked that city forever
He will not forget Jerusalem nor his people, ever
Because G-d does not forget,
Do not forget
Because his love does not grow cold,
Do not let your love grow cold

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem,
“May they prosper who love you.
Peace be within your walls,
Prosperity within your palaces.”
For the sake of my brethren and companions,
I will now say, “Peace be within you.”
Because of the house of the Lord our G-d
I will seek your good.

Tehillim/Psalm 122

If I forget you, O Jerusalem,
Let my right hand forget its skill!
If I do not remember you,
Let my tongue cling to the roof of my mouth –
If I do not exalt Jerusalem above my chief joy.

Tehillim/Psalm 137

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