There Must Be More

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There Must Be More

While the world is clearly reeling to and fro in so many ways these days and what we considered innocent isn’t so, it’s time to consider how to respond and to find out what G-d wants.

Good news is coming. In some ways it’s already here but in other ways it’s coming in a way unrecognized before. Some kind of revolution is coming one day sooner than we think. This revolution will touch the very essence of the identity of those who believe in Messiah, corporately and individually. We’ve been alone for far too long gazing at ourselves in Messiah rather than at Messiah himself. It’s time to look the other way around. It’s time to go from one to many, individuals to family, my world to Kingdom.

There must be a revolution coming that shifts and changes the identity of the corporate people who believe in Messiah. There must be something big and wild and crazy coming that’s really great and terribly awesome: a shaking that will shake everything inside of us and outside of us except the Kingdom of G-d, which will remain. This must come that those who believe in the Giver of life bring and give a testimony of this life within and without. It must come. This must happen. How long while the world stands in awe and shock, fear and outrage at the turbulence descending upon man without an answer of the reality of the goodness of G-d in the land of the living? May the answer be made known to all who are hungry.

G-d of Israel, G-d of all hope, bring hope and life in Zion today. Bring deliverance and rescue in Israel today.

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