Israel’s Cry

In peering at the Holocaust, one witnesses the depths of the depravity of man. In hearing survivor’s stories, only tears can answer and soothe the deep heartache of these ones. As daily terror against Israel (in words, deeds and boycotts) continues and increases with an energy only resolute hatred or anti-Semitism can explain, I am concerned about what is to come.

Where are the courageous ones standing against the tide of anti-Semitism today? May many who are filled with love for the people of G-d’s choosing be strong and resolute in love in these days. May we hear Israel’s cry and the cry of the heart of G-d.

140702 Zion Mourns

Israel’s Cry

Israel’s cry is a deep cry
It is a heart-wrenching cry
It is a cry that must be heard

Israel’s cry resounds
On the earth and in the heavens
It is a cry that will not go away
It will be answered

Israel’s cry is a cry
That prophesies
Israel’s cry is a cry
Deeper than words

Israel’s cry touches
The very heart of G-d

Will you hear the cry of a people
Set apart yet reviled
Will you hear the cry of a people
Aching for their G-d

Will you hear the cry of G-d
Longing for his firstborn
Will you hear the cry of Abba
Aching for his children to be near

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