Do Not Keep Silent

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There is a heartbeat, a cry of anguish still heard. The tears of the sovereign One weeping over his people mingled with the tears of Rachel mourning over her children who are no more.

The anguish and the suffering and the tears of the Shoah (Holocaust) bear no graspable equivalent.

Peering into the blackest black that is the Holocaust is unending in parallel and scope. The wretchedness of man in acquiescence to darkness knows no culpable bounds.

In a superiorly modern and industrial culture leaning on centuries of leadership in ethical thought and theology, men and women quickly consented to murkiness of thought and obeyed the gods of depravity, exploitation and injustice. The very value of human life came into question in a culture deeply rooted in Judeo-Christian principles.

Standing eighty years in distance from the greatest catastrophe the world has known, the best of thinkers, theologians, ethical teachers and peacemakers would likely stand in line and quickly give themselves over to the same god with a different face. In the most troublesome of times, the majority choose to turn away from their neighbor’s suffering. This being said, will we allow the Shoah to teach us.

Will we comprehend that in giving up our own dignity, we lose the essence of being human? Will we breathe in the reality of the Source higher than ourselves lest we fall into decline?

We lose the sacredness of who we are as individuals and as a body of humanity when we submit ourselves to silence in the face of moral crisis. The holiness of God upon man is lost and we lose our unique place in creation if we do not allow our conscience to move us to act on behalf of those in need.

As a German teacher on the Holocaust said, “We know and we’ve seen the end of humanism: it is the Holocaust.” The goodness in humanity comes to a quick end in the face of tribulation. Many would vehemently disagree with the statement yet it would behoove us to consider the idea.

When we rely on our own moral fortitude, we make ourselves vulnerable to arrogance. Arrogance opens the door for dullness that slowly leads our hearts away from who we truly long to be.

The most evil events in history repeat themselves when those with sight choose to look away. Deep darkness invades when those who can hear muffle their ears and choose not to listen. Gloominess and the shadow of death begin to loom over a people when those with understanding do not lift their voices.

On our watch and in our day, what will we choose? What will you choose? The greatest leaders of our day are mere men and women like the men and women of past generations. No better and no worse.

Will we humble ourselves and look to the Source of life who gives strength to stand in the midst of adversity?

Will we hear the heartbeat, the cry of anguish of the sovereign One over his people? Will we weep with Him?

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