Just When

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Just when I thought I had found my niche,
Not even just my niche
Rather my calling

Just when I landed my life in measure
Despite the disappointments
The surety of the knowing became comfortable

Just then

You came and shifted things all around
You changed it all up in a moment
In just a moment
You made a way
Where I thought there was no way

Just when I thought I had to figure it out
Wrestle it through
Be frustrated to no end
or hopefully be frustrated to a good end

You came
You breathed
You spoke
You answered where I had barely asked

My expectations blown out of the water
Once again
By the G-d who is far more moved by me
Than I will ever fully comprehend

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6 Replies to “Just When”

  1. Doesn’t that amaze us? When we do barely ask…and He answers Or we ask tentatively not tenaciously hardly thinking we were heard. Maybe we never hoped to be taken seriously and voila He answered. I had that happen recently. Two very specific custom answers. And he didn’t have to, He just did. Beautiful poem.

    1. Thanks for your encouraging words. He is amazing and He answers and pours out His goodness sometimes before we even find the words to ask. Thanks for visiting! Blessing!

  2. Love this! Oh what a beautiful Heavenly Father we serve…and how often He shows us a much bigger and more powerful Love than we expect. Thank you so much for your encouragement.

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