Gotta Keep Dreamin’

I’m jumping out on a limb writing (and posting) a rhyme with Holocaust survivors in mind, especially since you can’t hear the music in my head.

Inspired by Matisyahu and freestyle rapper Kosha Dillz and in remembrance of the 6 million who perished.

Auschwitz-Birkenau ©desireisrael, 2016

Gotta keep
to keep livin’
to keep believin’
and keep lovin’

Gotta dream
it’s called prayer

A real dream
crying out
from deep within
to the One
who can answer
who will answer

He loves and
He lives

His people
so deep in His heart
never forgetting
cannot forsake
His children
from the beginning



Holy One of Israel
Avinu Malkeinu

Who would have ever
a God so high
above all our stuff
to step in
to cry
to weep
as His people weep
to comfort,
to console
only His is this role

Zion, Sing
Jerusalem, Shine
just remember
You are Mine
the apple of My eye
asking why, why, why
so much pain
so much suf’rin’
why we called
why we chosen
are You loyal
are You faithful

Zion crying out
lookin’ ‘round
for the lyrics
and the sound
desirin’ to sing
yet agony within
cryin’ out
drownin’ out
the love within
wanting God
yet anguish grippin’
agony trippin’ out
holding tight
pain not forgotten
why must I remember

are You here?
do You hear?
are You there?
where did You go?
the cry in the night
from a broken soul

my brothers and my sisters,
my mother and my father
gone, taken away
one dark day

Yet here I am
if You’re real
and if You are
what do You want from me?

O God
help me
like David, I cry out
desperation pressing down
please don’t leave me
don’t forsake me

Frustrated, so confused
wonderin’ who You really are
Avinu Malkeinu
Our Father, Our King
wrestlin’ like Yakov
unwilling to relent

Here I am, God
soothe my soul, O God
please take my cries
please hold them not against me
just bein’ real
expressin’ my soul
to You

Today I’m hopin’
Today I’m reachin’ out
I’m letting you hear me
I want You to see me

Broken in soul
my heart still beatin’
barely breathin’
gasping for breath
as I remember
Trying not to remember

Are you real?
I can barely ask again
My eyes heavenward
if You’re real
if You’ll answer
please come find me, My God
as I cry out
from this broken place
wanting to hide my face
from You

Words and image by ©desireisrael, 2016. All rights to the material presented are owned and copyrighted by desireisrael. Feel free to share excerpts and links with appropriate and specific direction to original content.

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