For Zion’s Sake

The years and the tears
The hoping and the waiting
Surely you, O Israel,
Who wait upon the Lord
Will not be ashamed

Surely Zion will not die
While watchmen cry

Your zeal, your heart
Your burden so real
The heart of Abba
Trembling with heartache for His son

Zion, can you hear
Israel, he is near
Calling, crying out
Like a woman in labor
Panting, gasping
Laying low everything keeping you
From loving him

Jerusalem, he will not forsake you
He will not forget you
Your walls before him
His peace not withholding
Death will not prosper,
Wickedness will not have its way with you

Your walls always on his mind
Your bulwarks etched in time
Made of stone
A defense
Keeping him afar
But wanting him near

Coming for you
He is
One day soon

Mocking will end
Lying will die
Hatred crushed beneath him
As He draws near
New life will take hold again

Today is the Day

I am joining with for Five Minute Friday. The goal is to write for five minutes about a word. No extreme editing; no worrying about perfect grammar, font, or punctuation. Unscripted. Unedited. Real.

The prompt is:



Today is the Day

Today is the day to decide
Not to stay silent in the face of injustice and hatred

Many learned a lesson they never wished they had
Some seventy years ago

Many stayed silent,
Thinking they would be safe

Many were slaughtered

Yet those who lived
To preserve themselves
Still lost their dignity

The shame that comes with regret
Is immeasurable
It’s reach insurmountable
May the blood-stained silence
Never prevail again

A people consumed with self-preservation and fear
Will not stand against that which kills your neighbor

Yet in not standing for your neighbor
You lose the essence of your humanity,
The ability to be free and whole
The ability to love

If we do not love our neighbor as ourself,
We do not love our Maker and Creator

May we learn from those who lived through such darkness
To love our Maker,
To love our neighbor
To not remain silent today

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